Reflective Log 3

In our third week of the semester we learned about different types of brand positioning strategies. One that I particularly like is West et al. (2010) 4C’s of positioning which helps brands evaluate the success of its positioning strategy. Clarity, Consistency, Credibility and Competitiveness make up the 4C’s.

One brand that comes to mind when thinking about good brand positioning is Nike. It has a clear target market, people who want high performance athletic gear and has very good differential advantage, as innovation is one of their key drivers when creating new products. They have a consistent message, just do it, no matter who you are or where you are. And they sponsor a lot of professional athlete, who wear or use their products in competitions, creating value that no competitors have matched.

I also like this model because it can reflects on the brands identity and how good it is. Without good brand positioning, you can’t possibly have a good brand identity. Because to have a strong brand identity you also need to have all 4 C’s. Throughout my placement at Rimmel, I also learned that if you are a global company you need to think about all the markets that your brand will be in, and insure that you have clarity, consistency, credibility and competitiveness over all markets. For example, Rimmel in the U.S wasn’t doing as well as as it was in the U.K, and before the rebranding, the marketing message that was circulating in the country was ‘Live the London Look’. The problem with that, was that the message didn’t appeal to the American customer, because he or she didn’t understand it. If the brand message had been thought about from a global perspective, maybe Rimmel could have been more successful in the U.S.

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